Global Watch Service Centre wanted to bring their services to more luxury watch owners in Singapore. We help develop a sustainable content strategy that is easy to manage. Ran ads to introduce more people to the business. Created a system to farm for real data such as emails and contact numbers.

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Overall Sales Growth

Increase in 300% average monthly sales from 2018 to 2020

Potential number of people to direct sales and promotion activities via email list or WhatsApp: Over 1k

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Social Numbers

Increase in followers, subscribers, reviews and recommendations

The result of this campaign was an increase of 7,806 Facebook followers and 851 Instagram followers. In addition, we also helped achieve an additional 1,003 Email subscribers, 68 Google Reviews averaging 4.8 stars, as well as, 45 Facebook Recommendations.


Content Production

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They were able to help establish and develop 2 of our social media channels and increase sales. Creative and responsive, we have been with them for a long time. Looking forward to continuing working together in the future.

Agnes. S - Owner of Global Watch Service Centre

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